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Michael Davis, President

Since founding Digital Audio Post, Inc. in 1995, Michael Davis has developed DAP into one of the most respected audio post facilities in the Southeast for sound design, live concert mix to picture, ADR, and 5.1 mixing for television, film and music. Honk and wave if you see him taking Harvey on a walk around the block!

Harvey, Client Services

As one of the most experienced (and hairy) members of the Digital Audio Post team, Harvey spends his days managing the staff, as well as sharing his passion for doggie treats with the clients. Harvey enjoys walks around the block, spending time in the woods, and naps.


Jonathan Jost, Audio Engineer

Aside from his affinity for awesomely bad photoshop, Jonathan is a hard worker who always has his client's goals in mind. He is driven by a desire to contribute to the success of any project. Outside of the studio, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter, woodworking, and drinking a cold can of Pepsi. Take your Coke and go home! 

JZ empty emmy.jpg

Johnny Zvolensky, Audio Engineer

Johnny is the newest member of the team, coming from 15+ years of experience as an audio post engineer in Nashville.  After many years working primarily on music oriented programing, he is overjoyed to have found a home at DAP, with diversity delving into documentary and reality audio.  He has close ties to the music community in Nashville through songwriting and playing in bands.  Johnny is close at hand in East Nashville with his wife and boy, quick to the draw for a last minute edit!  From music to dialog mixing, Johnny is happy to be on the Row for you, whenever you are in need. 


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