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Digital Audio Post, Inc. began in the famed Emerald Studios building on Music Row. Continued growth and development of 

DAP soon required new custom built facilities and the company relocated to the legendary Masterfonics Building, also on the Row.


In July 2005, as the result of an expanding client list and increased bookings, Digital Audio Post, Inc. moved to its current location—an even larger custom designed facility—at 1217 16th Avenue South in Nashville. 


The move gave DAP an opportunity to add a full-sized studio area to complement the main mix room, and provided space for another more casual environment with a second mix room. In January 2007, DAP updated and remodeled an already existing studio on its third floor, bringing the number of studios/mix rooms to three. 


DAP’s studio building has a long and colorful history since its construction in 1985. Originally known as Sixteenth Avenue Sound, Studio 1 has been the site of numerous hit recordings with artists of all genres ranging from Steve Winwood and John Denver to the heavy metal band Queensrÿche to Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash to Stevie Wonder and Jon Bon Jovi. Studio 3 was first constructed in the early 1980s as a demo studio for Sony Music.

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